Introducing Fygë!

In the end of 2020 we got together with few of our closest friends to celebrate and forget the most unusual year in history. 

Besides cooking together and cheering at midnight, we didn't really plan much for the night. Ani, our 'Chief Platter Officer' prepared an unusually good-looking snack plate though, which started a chain of actions that we call Fygë today.

It wasn't really the plate's unusually good appearance but rather its magnetic power to gather all of us around for at least a full hour without worries and concern to find out who left that damn sauna door open. It was just pure bless, an hour of joy and laughter spent in the present moment with the people we love. 

We created Fygë with this moment in our mind and with the goal of sharing this unique atmosphere with as many people as possible.

Our small team is a family of 3 Hungarians who share the passion for quality food, creativity and people.

Ani - "The Head of Taste"

team teammember entrepreneur fygefood owner founder

The heart of Fygë's creations. She imagines, tastes, creates and brings joy to all of us with her new ideas and cheerful nature. When she is not creating Fygë boxes, she likes to cook, bake  and collect km-s in a way of half marathons. 

They form a couple with Szabi and got engaged a year ago. Hopefully we can pool the big wedding soon and graze from amazing Fygë tables all night. Sorry Ani, you will work on your wedding night as well.

Szabi - CEO

CEO founder entrepreneur  fygefood helsinki

My brother is the one behind the cameras, the website and most of the bureaucratic business matters. He has a passion for business and doing different things at the same time. He used to be a professional swimmer and served as a paramedic for a while. 

His mind creates millions of ideas on a daily basis which is the primary cause of Ani's headache. His main goal is to create a long lasting brand out of Fygë. 

Evi - One title can not fit it all

In a small business there are rarely any strict roles. I write most of Fygë's emails, social media posts, website copies but I also contact clients, fold boxes and bring in ideas that can help Fygë grow. I love to move things forward, and see people succeed in their own way. 

While creating and eventually opening Fygë, we met and heard from many internationals in Finland who are interested in starting their own food business. In the next blog we will share the process of setting up Fygë and give some tips for those who are looking to follow an entrepreneurial path in Finland, especially in the food industry. 

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