Perfect Pairings for Your Cocktail Hour

Turn your client event, team meeting or celebration into an elegant experience with our bite-sized appetizers. Perfect for evening occasions, big or small events, afterwork celebrations, and events where you'd like to make an impression! 

The bite-sized pieces fit perfectly for standing events and venues with limited spaces. 

Choose between pickup, delivery or full service with our signature table setup.

Coktail Bites Catalouge 2023-24

Recent Cocktail Tables 

Client Event at Staria

We prepared all together 900 different cocktail bites for this event. The table included savoury, sweet, vegan and gluten free bites as well. Our event staff took care of the table setup before the event, served welcome drinks, took great care of guests and handled the cleanup after the event.

  • Customer: Staria
  • Guest number: 150
  • Service included: 8 types of cocktail bites, utensils rental, 3 event staff

Full day catering for AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer reached out to us from abroad. They were looking for a trusted partner to cater their full day masterclass in Helsinki. Unfamiliar with the city and dining culture in Finland, we helped the AppsFlyer team through the whole event planning process.

  • Customer: AppsFlyer (San Fransisco)
  • Guest number: 50
  • Service included: Breakfast, lunch, coffee break, cocktail party, 2 event staff

Full day catering at Rovio HQ

During its acquisition, the Rovio team needed a high-quality, reliable service to help the leadership team through 2-days of workshops and events. Our team was on-site, taking care of all things catering. 

  • Customer: Rovio
  • Guest number: 20+150
  • Service included: 2 days of full day catering, cocktail party with 150 guests, 2 event staff

Cocktail event in Maria 01

We prepared more than 1100 cocktail bites for this event and absolutely loved it! Our team on site took care of the table setup, drink station and everything catering. 

  • Customer: Finnish Association of Civil Engineers RIL
  • Guest number: 132
  • Service included: 8 types of cocktail bites, premium soft drinks, 3 event staff