Send edible gifts to your team or clients to keep them engaged!

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"There’s nothing like receiving an awesome package,
but putting them together is a nightmare."​

We’ve made it simple.

Show top clients you care

Engage with Remote Teams

Spark your products up for Influencers

Show employee appreciation

Welcome your new hire like no one else

Before Fygë

Long days searching for products

Losing track of inventory

Overflowing closets with swag

Bribe coworkers to put together packs


Edible, branded gift boxes
sourced, designed, packed,
and shipped for you!



Business Years


Medical Specialists


Happy Customers



What's a Fygë box?

An assortment of high quality gourmet ingredients

Perfect for clients, employees, or influencers to build brand awareness & loyalty

Automated, convenient gifting

So much more than a box!

Employer Branding

Express your appreciation, boost your team's motivation and attract talents in the most delicious way.

Easy organization

Let your people fill in their own delivery address and dietary information. 

Supporting the Small

Our ingredients come from ethically selected businesses, local farmers and small producers.

Hassle Free Gifting

No more excels and posti trips. We deliver your gifts one by one to multiple locations or all to the same place based on the occasion.

Unique design

We plan and prepare the boxes with your own brand materials. For free.

Inventory Tracking

How many boxes un-redeemed? We send you reports based on the timeline and your preference.

Serving up fresh branded boxes to: