Let me tell the story of a young couple who have always dreamt about having their own food business.

In 2020 we were about to spend NYE with a couple of friends in a cottage and as a woman whose passion was always cooking,
I wanted to make something different to the table. After a few days of searching I found out about charcuterie boards and knew that was gonna be the perfect creation for the table. On that night we were shocked(in a good way) that the board was not only a huge success because it’s attractive and delicious but also kept people around the table for a long time.

The board created a unique atmosphere where our friends started to chat with each other, telling old stories while trying out different flavors and combinations of food from the board. It was a special moment that we have never experienced before. At that point we knew we have to share this feeling with more people.

At Fygë we believe in the power of delicious, special food.
Food is a universal language that we all speak. It feeds/nourishes us, makes us connected, and can create long-lasting memories.
Lots of love, happy tasting-friends, and creative thinking in the making helped to get here where Fygë is today. Our main goal is to inspire people trying out new ways of gastronomy while enhancing gatherings to make long lasting memories.

​Here at Fygë, we use only high quality, fresh ingredients. Each item on our selections are carefully selected, intentionally placed, and seasonally curated. 
Our creations are fully customizable and perfect for (any) stylish and authentic celebrations such as birthday, anniversary, bachelor and bridal party, the wedding day, or simply for a treat night.

​We also think of companies for brand launch, press day, store opening, client meeting or employee surprise to provide a mouthwatering spread. Don’t worry, we have you covered! Our Boards reflect our commitment to the sustainable and ethical business model to reduce the impact on our planet


We are happy that we can help to make your night or event memorable and we promise your guests won't believe their eyes nor their taste buds.



Anita & Szabi