Premium Breakfast Menu
Premium Breakfast Menu
Premium Breakfast Menu
Premium Breakfast Menu
Premium Breakfast Menu

Premium Breakfast Menu


Entering the office to the smell of fresh pastry? Friday brunch with friends? Our Premium Breakfast Menu is perfect for corporate breakfasts, team meetings, and celebratory brunches. Surprise your team with tasty bagels, delicious brekkie cups, and dive into the world of premium cheeses together!

Includes all of the following:

  • Your choice of drink 
  • Your choice of a breakfast cup
  • Your choice of bagel bite or ciabatta (Select up to two different flavors to cover different dietary options better.)
  • Freshly baked: Danish pastries, muffins, waffles, pancakes (one type, selection of the day)
  • Gourmet Cheese (Old Gouda, Vintage Cheddar, Blue Cheese, Brie, Manchego - 2 types, selection of the day)
  • Fresh fruits cups

Ordering: Minimum 5 days prior and for a minimum of 15 persons. The price is indicated as price/person. 

Delivery: Select delivery or pick-up time at checkout. Orders are by default packed in disposable boxes, but if you would like a more spectacular table set up, make sure to add our Signature Fygë Table Setup to your cart! 

Packaging: Our products are packed in disposable, food-safe boxes with transparent lids, ready to be served. 

Dietary: Gluten-free menu option is selected below, and added separately to your cart. For any other dietary request, please leave a note at checkout.

€29.99 excl. VAT
Bread * Between 1 and 2
Between 1 and 2
Breakfast Cup * 1 Required
1 Required
Drink * 1 Required
1 Required
Gluten Free Optional

Menu price added to the order.

Also included Included
Coffee Optional

Includes oat milk, lactose free milk, sugar & sweetener.

Utensils Optional

Includes washing.