Ylioppilasjuhla Menu I
Ylioppilasjuhla Menu I

Ylioppilasjuhla Menu I

Looking for a graduation menu that is simple, filling and will keep your guests talking? This is the right menu for you.

This menu includes 5 types of delicious cocktail bites, a premium bread selection with assortments, fresh fruits and our signature vintage cheeses. The price is given as price per guest.

  • Skagen salad on Finnish Archipelago Bread, black seaweed caviar and fresh dill (L)
  • Crostini with pesto, cherry tomato, sun-dried tomato and fresh basil (V)
  • Roasted sweet potato with whipped feta mousse, fig jam, pomegranate seeds and fresh thyme (VEG, L, G )
  • Focaccia bite with Milano Salami, cream cheese, sun-dried tomato, fresh greens and black sesame seeds (L)
  • Roasted potato slice with smoked salmon, herb-seasoned sour cream and fresh dill (L, G)
  • Levain bread & Rosemary Focaccia with herb-infused butter and house-made hummus
  • Fygë Gourmet Cheese & Fruit Plate 

By default, the food is delivered in ready-to-serve trays and boxes that can be recycled after the event. The table setup doesn't require effort from you as the trays and boxes are presentable in itself and are an eco-friendly catering solution. For a more elaborate table setup you can select our Signature Fygë Table Setup as an extra service below.

You can also spice up the table with additional services (choose below), like warm smoked salmon, voileipäkakku, desserts, cakes, coffee/tea, or rent our utensils for a more smooth event experience. If you wish to book our event staff (64,99€/hour/staff) please contact us via [email protected].

€34 incl. VAT
Included Included
Add more to the table Optional

Charged as extra per guest. Minimum 15pcs.

Desserts Optional

Charged as extra per guest. Minimum 15pcs.

Cakes Optional

Charged as extra per guest. Minimum 15pcs.

Coffee & Tea Optional

Charged as extra per guest. Includes sweetener, sugar, oat milk.

Utensils Optional

Delivered on the day before the event 31.5. and picked up on Monday 3.6. Utensils include washing after the event and have a delivery surcharge of 80€.

Table Setup Optional

Select store pickup or delivery at checkout.

Store Pickup is free of charge.
- Pickup from our store at Porkkalankatu 3, Helsinki
- Pickup time is 1.6.2024 between 10.00-12.00
- The food is packed in ready-to-serve trays and boxes that are easy to refrigerate

Delivery 80€/way

By default, the food is delivered in ready-to-serve trays and boxes that can be recycled after the event.

As an additional service, you can choose Signature Fygë Table Setup 149€ including:

  • table styling by our team, 
  • signature decoration, 
  • renting of props such as elevation, wooden trays, serving tongs and -spoons, 
  • food labels, 
  • custom-printed menu, 
  • washing of the props after the event

    A table for 50 people requires a 2-meter long table, provided by the host, and a 1,5 hours set up time. The details are always discussed before your event.

All possible food allergies are to be advised latest 14 days prior to the event.
For all special dietary requests we charge 5€/person due to planning and implementation needed.
We reserve the right to charge an additional fee for planning and preparation of extensive special dietary requirements. 

Our staff is available to help with everything catering during your event. We keep spaces tidy, serve drinks to guests, refill tables, coffees, collect glasses and plates and clean up the catering after the event.

64,99€/hour (invoiced after actual working hours)
Minimum booking is 4h  / staff.

If you wish to book our staff please message us [email protected] or call +358 406 494 184 from Mon-Fri 9-17.

After booking, you can still modify and change your order online until 17.5.2024.

Please note that due to limited availability on a high-demand date, a 200€ cancellation fee applies for canceled reservations, covering event planning and date reservation.

Final order details including the final guest number and menu choices are to be confirmed by 17.5.2024, later changes not permitted.

For order cancellations AFTER 17.5.2024, we charge 50% of the total price.

For order cancellations AFTER 24.5.2024, we charge 100% of the total price.

If you wish to receive an invoice, please send your invoicing details to [email protected].

The order minimum is 30 persons.

Staff hours are invoiced according to actual working hours.

Any broken utensils or dishes are charged according to a separate price list.

We reserve the right to change products due to raw material availability.